The Necessary Surrender Behind Every New Beginning

Kim Buchwald
4 min readApr 23, 2021
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The Promise Of New Beginnings

If you look closely you will see that life is full of new beginnings. Every breath — each inhale and each exhale is an opportunity to start again. The sunrise. A sunset. The change of seasons. New beginning can be a powerful homage to the inevitable cycle of life and death as well as an opportunity to reorient ourselves with focused energy on how we would like to move forward.

In this way a new beginning is a great time to determine where you’d like to focus your attention and energy. It’s a great time to set an intention. (How to Set an Intention in 2 Easy Steps)

An intention can help guide your focus. Over the course of a cycle (whatever duration that may be), an intention can help you engage with your environment in a more meaningful way.

An intention is the focal point of your actions. It is the new beginning freshly painted.

The outcome however requires surrender.

Surrender the Outcome

When you set an intention, you are at the start of something. You cannot know the specific outcome, but you have an idea of what you want that outcome to be. You can feel it in your body, the expansiveness of a deeper why. An intention as a commitment to yourself. Your heart contains an outcome that is ephemeral. It lacks the details.

You have to trust the process.

I am not advocating for you to set an intention and just see what happens. Instead, I am advocating for you to set an intention and act on that intention in response to and connection with what is showing up in your life. I am asking you to surrender to what life is offering to show you.

The balance between what you give in tangible action and what you receive in opportunities will bring about the desired outcome.

Notice what Life is Giving You

Moving from beginning to end is a matter of seeing as much as it is a matter of acting. Life gives us numerous opportunities to show up in line with our intention. If you are so fixated on what you think you will need to do in order to elicit your desired outcome, you are missing out on…



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