Tomato Plants Can Teach Us A Lot about Priorities

Kim Buchwald
6 min readJul 4, 2022

Because sometimes you do what you want to grow

Photo by Nida:

Tomato plants can teach us a lot about priorities.

You see, I have these tomato plants my friend gifted to me as seedlings. They were sprouting three to a cup. They grew pretty tall too in the largely climate controlled space of my home’s window sill.

Then I potted them outside. They had more nutrient dense soil, more time in the sun, more room to grow and yet the next day when I went to go check on them they were dying.

If you know much about growing tomatoes from seeds, then you’d know the sun was a little too hot and a little too bright so it was scalding my tomato babies. After moving them to the backyard, where there’s slightly less sun and giving them time to rest and adjust (another lesson from the tomatoes), I began the task of trying to help them grow.

I pinched off the sun scalded leaves. I pinched off any branches that were too small. I even got rid of the more injured seedlings keeping one tomato baby per pot. Now my tomato plants are thriving. Why? Because I helped the tomato plants make growing strong and healthy a priority; which is where the lesson lies.

We all want to be strong and healthy tomato plants. We want to thrive, upheld by the root system of our respective (and…



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